CenCom is the front-end gateway for all CAM:IDE and Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre (WBIC) projects. It provides:

  • Centralised database for project registration and information
  • Standard and established project management processes
  • Chief Investigator has direct control over user access to data
  • WBIC WRAC application portal
  • Good data governance by design

Gold Standard Data Governance

CAM:IDE has data governance built in by design. Chief Investigators have full control over their data and audit trails to track user access. CIs can also nominate a delegate, for example a study manager,  to administer their projects on a day-to-day basis. 

Centralised Database for Project Information

Our administrative database, CenCom, is the heart of CAM:IDE. It allows you to upload all your study documents including your ethics approval, information sheets and consent forms, as well as keeping a record of your P-code if you are using the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre (WBIC). 

Standard and Established Project Management Processes

CAM:IDE provides a sustainable data resource where data are stored in centrally managed repositories and are not lost when staff or students leave. Your datasets are hosted and managed using University infrastructure so everything is properly backed up and maintained.